Mobility and Recreation

TRUST South LA works toward maximizing mobility and recreational activity in our community to support healthy living and economic vitality. Through policy work, relationships, and resources, we will expand our open streets initiatives to create community – serving space in public streets and on underutilized land throughout our neighborhoods, as well as working toward the improvement of bike and pedestrian infrastructure linked to housing and transit.

TRUST is like my home. At TRUST, I help my mom sometimes by doing community service. The bike rides are fun; I get to see lots of things and have fun.

- Derek, 8 years old, Youth member and TRUST Rider

Most recently, we have institutionalized mapping as a method for advocacy and resource to identify community assets through participatory mapping to promote bike friendly streets. Mapping has served to engage neighbors in a public conversation about the future of South LA for bicycles, food, and sustainable development. These community-created resources are shared on our website.  We will also focus on the implementation of Bike Friendly Streets in South LA, as well as advocacy efforts for broader pedestrian and bike infrastructure improvements.

We are a convener of the South LA Mobility Advisory Council which comes together to discuss pedestrian, bicycle and general issues of mobility that impact South Los Angeles. The goal is to create a space for advocates and community stakeholders to coordinate efforts to make South LA a safer and healthier community particularly when it comes to alternative transit options.

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