Our Work

T.R.U.S.T. South LA is a community-based effort that works to stabilize the neighborhoods south of Downtown LA, where increased property values and rents have pushed out many long-term residents. Our mission is to serve as a steward for community-controlled land; to be a catalyst for values-driven, community-serving development; to build awareness and community leadership in issues of housing, transportation and recreation; and to create programs and initiatives that encourage community building and economic opportunity.

About Us

T.R.U.S.T. South LA was established in 2005 as a permanent and democratic steward of land in South Los Angeles. Since its inception the group has expanded its community membership, has raised and dedicated millions in funds in its effort to improve the way of life for thousands of local residents, businesses, and stakeholders.

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Upcoming Events

Our Donors and Partners

The following partners and donors have made our work possible with their generous donations.

Vishnu Sdridharan
Katelyn Leenhouts

Vishnu Sridharan
Eric Stockel
Katelyn Leenhouts
Shannyn Yates
Jane Paul
Soroya Alamdari
Beatriz Guiarte
Josefina Aguilar
Gayle Haberman