Aishah Abdala

Aishah was border town raised with the privilege of growing up across Tijuana, B.C., and San Ysidro, CA. Aishah has dedicated their time and service to understanding health as a social effect, health as an institution, and abolition as a process of regeneration towards community-led systems change. While receiving her B.A. in Public Health with a minor in Public Policy at UC Berkeley, they served local community-based organizations centered on Environmental Justice coordinating service events and developing an EJ curriculum decentering learning from the academy and centering systems change by impacted communities. After graduating, Aishah also served capacity-building initiatives for community-based organizations, public health departments, and philanthropic institutions across issues including, strategic communications. Aishah has also invested in skills for building therapeutic relationships in reflection that individual relationships and system dynamics are an interplay of each other. With Somos Familia, Aishah facilitated learning for friends and families with queer loved ones to have humility for LGBTQIA+ issues and be conscious allies. While pursuing her dual Master’s in Social Welfare and Public Policy at UCLA, Aishah has also counseled high school students in Los Angeles through the COVID-19 pandemic as an interning clinical therapist as well as accompanying incarcerated men completing their community-based treatment programs with Project 180. Aishah is now an associate project manager with TRUST South LA supporting initiatives to stabilize South LA neighborhoods by expanding access to permanently affordable housing and shared ownership models for our South LA residents.