Lillian Washington

Lillian Washington was born and raised in Watts/South Central Los Angeles. Lillian started to get involved with her community through Community Coalition as a freshman in high school; seeing the injustice and hardships of her peers, she decided to take a stand.  Lillian interacted and articulated the demands of community and students to actors/actresses, government officials that included: Rene Russo, Earl “ Magic” Johnson, Maxine Waters, Karen Bass, Bernard Parks, Mark Riley Thomas, Board of Education, and Arnie Duncan Superintendent of Education.  Flash forward 11 years, Lillian, now a mother of one has felt being a consistent part of her community is the first step to making a change in the world and leaving an excellent path for the next generations to come. Ms. Washington is a Coordinator for the Emergency Rent Assitance Program and will be supporting outreach efforts.