Edgar Campos

Edgar Campos is a 15-year veteran of Los Angeles’ political and civic arenas. He has held a senior staff positions in the nonprofit sector, on electoral campaigns, as well as served on elected official staff teams in government and on ad-hoc projects as a consultant. Beyond working for preeminent nonprofit organizations, and successfully running several political and advocacy campaigns, he has served on several boards, and committees, including both the Mayor of Los Angeles’ GRYD (18’) and the California Board of Community Corrections Prop 47(19’) panels. Edgar began his early career working for college readiness programs and community organizing in South L.A. helping to distill complex policy issues impacting immigrant Latino and working-class African Americans for wide audiences in an effort to find community driven solutions that empower every day residents. Edgar is known for his holistic approach to community development. His history of work in immigration, education, criminal justice, and child welfare reform inform his understanding of the intersectionality of issues that factor into affordable housing, anti displacement initiatives and strategies that help families thrive in their home communities. Edgar holds a B.A. from UCLA and has an MBA with a focus in Non-Profit Executive Management.